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About Us

Who We Are

Our mission is simple. We look for upcoming, independent jewelry and accessory designers from around the world and carefully select pieces from their collections that resonate most with us. We present these to you as a curated collection of trendy, fashionable pieces that are exquisite, unique and sustainable. We build relationships with our designers and work to further their collections so they may thrive and in turn empower the artisans who create them. We seek hard- to-find, unique pieces made in limited numbers, and believe in social consciousness and sustainability.

Seek the Shore was started by friends Alessandra Gubeissi and Ayesha Daver Sigelman, based in Miami, Florida. Both avid travelers, Alessandra and Ayesha were struck by the enterprise and creativity of local designers in the places they visited. Seek the Shore was thus conceptualized as a means to share these beautiful and unique local products with new and larger markets.

Our name ‘Seek the Shore’ has a dual purpose. Our collection comes from local markets that are either tropical or from lands with beach and sea. More importantly, the seashore gives us a feeling of peace and tranquility, relaxation and fun. It is this feeling that we hope to convey through our curated collections.

For our current collection, Seek the Shore has focused on jewelry and accessories from independent designers in the Philippines. Impressed by the creativity and enterprise of young Filipino designers, we have chosen impeccably crafted pieces that showcase the talents and skills of the designers and artisans responsible for executing these exquisite designs.