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Renee Patron created BANAGO to support and preserve the ailing arts and crafts of her homeland in the Philippine Islands. After fifteen years in the fashion industry in New York, Japan and Paris, Renee was eager to start a business where she could use her years of education, experience and expertise to give back to her homeland and contribute to showcasing and raising awareness of it’s creative industries internationally.  

BANAGO has pioneered and paved the way for Filipino artisan-made products in the international market, focusing on beach bags and beach lifestyle accessories. Currently the brand supports about 50 villages of artisans in a non-factory environment, promoting a cottage industry where women can work at home while they take care of the children.   

BANAGO has received much attention by the national Philippine media and press for growing a dying arts and crafts industry and inspiring entrepreneurs to help local industries grow. They are listed as one of the top social enterprises in the Philippines.

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