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Susanne Verello

Milano-trained designer Susanne Verallo takes creative inspiration from the rich culture of the Philippines and the glamour of Italy's fashion capital. Her eponymous accessory label aims to take Filipino craftsmanship to the forefront with creations that are built on heritage, but with a modern and mindful twist. Susanne's Collection is meticulously handcrafted by local artisans from Cebu using a traditional shell inlay technique. The process of shell selection, cleaning, polishing, carving, and inlaying may take up to a week for a single piece— the reason her collections are produced in limited numbers. The result is a unique and beautiful piece that helps support artisans and preserves a local a craft.

Shell, a popular local material, is thoughtfully sourced from the overruns of the furniture and fashion industries. With reclaimed and repurposed shell, Susanne is enhancing the value of a natural, limited and beautiful resource. It's a tale of sea, style and sustainability. 

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